” But she understands the insidious appeal of pink

“Then I saw Merle Kilgore, my dad’s best friend and manager who passed away the year before. Merle was a hilarious, happy go lucky guy who had lived an incredible life. He looked wonderful not sickly like he did during the months before he died from lung cancer.

Higgins had an excellent high school career at Mesquite High in Texas. Because of his lack of speed, he had no Division I scholarship offers until the spring of his senior year. A new coaching staff at Colorado State had taken over. Abby actually walks out in the middle of that conversation, in tears, just in time to see her wife, Kate (Julie Fain Lawrence, handling a thankless role with grace), heading down the driveway in her Jaguar. Then Abby has a brief conversation with a married woman from her town with whom she been having sex, for money. Then she rolls the trashcan back to the garage.

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