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Short Game (Golf)

One of the most frustrating things that I find when playing golf is ‘duffing’ a short chip shot. You might have hit a great drive or a pretty good second shot, but you’ve left yourself with a 40 -50 yard chip shot to the Green. You then realise that you have to play a little half wedge shot and that’s when everything goes wrong. Because you’re not playing a full shot, you get nervous over your chip shot and either chop into the ground just behind the ball and send the ball about 10 yards or you get tight and hit the ball thin, so that it shoots through the back of the Green. All your hard work in getting there has gone to waste and you then get down on yourself for the next few shots, only making it worse. Does that sound familiar?… because it’s certainly happened to me more times than I care to mention! My short game has always been my biggest problem in Golf, but I have found that the following 3 simple tips have helped my chipping and improved my confidence enormously…

* With your preferred wedge or short-iron, set-up with quite a narrow stance, with the ball positioned in the middle of your stance, but with most of your weight on your front foot, approximately 60 -70% and your hands in front of the ball.

* The key part of this is to keep your elbows anchored to your side as much as possible. This will probably feel a little strange at first, but if you practice, it will stop you waving the club around and will make your stroke much more stable and reliable. You then don’t have the same leeway to get into trouble!

* Take a slow, smooth, shortened backswing, keeping your arms as straight as possible and then follow through on the shot to the same length as the backswing. Make sure that you don’t cock your wrists on the takeaway, as this just brings in unnecessary complications.

* The last is really obvious, but nevertheless absolutely essential – keep your eye on the ball and don’t raise your head until you have followed through.

These simple tips have seen me consistently hit much crisper and better chip shots and more importantly it has meant that my confidence in chipping has grown, so that when I’m faced with a chip shot, I don’t get so anxious any more.

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Short Game Golf

Playing golf is indeed fun especially if you have all the accessories and equipment that are needed in this sport. Golf shorts is one of the most important things that you need to have since this is an essential part of your outfit. As you play golf, you are exposed to the heat of the sun. Golf shorts will aid in preventing the harmful rays to cause any damage to your skin. IT can also help emphasize your athletic look. It is not that hard to choose the golf shorts that you will buy but you definitely need some tips for you to have the best one. Look at junior golf trolley now.




The first thing that you need to know is to get familiar with the brands of golf shorts available in the market. Specialty shops sell a lot of shorts with different brands and each brand surely offers something new. Try to determine your favorite brand so that you can choose from the shorts that they sell.



It is very vital that you visit and shop from specialty stores near your place. These stores sell golf shorts that you can never find in ordinary sports shop. Specialty shops may offer you with rare accessories that you may need in golf. You can also visit the shops online. The internet has vast connections with a lot of stores and it will surely be a convenient way to find the one that you will buy. You need to find junior golf balls.



The size of the shorts that you wear during the game somehow affects your performance in the game. Make sure that you will choose the size appropriate for you. The length of the shorts must be at least one inch lower than your knee. The longer it is, the better. It can help in protecting your skin from the harmful heat of the sun.




The style of the shorts must be chosen carefully. It is very for you to remember that if you do not want to get the attention of all the players, you may need to settle with conservative colors and designs. Loud and bright colors will surely draw much attention on you.




It will be more comfortable to wear cotton fabric as you play golf with your friends. These shorts are more breathable and comfortable. The ventilation is surely effective. Synthetic ones are indeed good to look at but as time passes by, you will realize all the disadvantages of synthetic fibers.


Choosing the best shorts that you can wear during a golf game is one thing that you need to carefully do. The shorts that you wear play an important part on the way you will perform in the game. The tips mentioned are some of the best that you can follow. You need to keep them in your mind all the time.


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Golf: The Short Game

As long as there is a reliable short game skill, anyone if he can hit 100 yards, he can break 100. Good touch, especially in the putting, can make up for other deficiencies. The following two methods will help you push past a long golf putt and a short golf putt advance.


Long putt: “laddering” seeking a better feeling


Good touch comes from the learning of how to make the ball high and push far. Find a slope of the green part in the 40 to 50 inserted between the two ladders, and then put five golf clubs that each club interval 3. First is learning how to push the golf ball uphill, so that the first ball in the first and second golf clubs in between, the second golf ball in the second and third clubs in inter-branch, and so on to the last. Then repeat the exercise under downhill conditions. Until either uphill or downhill step ladder, none of your every ball up too long or too short. Try looking at the eye target practice pushing a ball, and then repeat just the last shot margin. When the achievement of objectives becomes simpler, you can practice this method with your eyes closed.


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A short putt: Even into the 12 goals to strengthen the confidence


Solid short putting is confidence in the show, but a lot of confidence from advancing the golf ball, which is emphasized by this method. First to start from the hole a putt length, holes around the plug in a set of three ladders, each an interval of one grip length. Ideally, a group of ladder is uphill, a downhill, a group from right to left corner, another group from left to right corner. 12 ball straight forward, you do not have to practice. Missed a ball, you have to try again.


With a push or cut it?


Putting should always be your first choice. When your golf ball on the green edge, or even very far away from the greens (as long as the ball and the hole is not long before the grass), both with the TaylorMade Tourismo Putter.


See grass pattern, walking along the water


Green is your interpretation of the necessary skills, but for the long putter has a Quick Tip: imagine how the water can be out of green. That is the direction that the ball will turn.

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Golf Short Game Chipping Secrets

There are many golf magazines, golf professionals, and even TV shows offering golf chipping tips. This short-game advice can be as diverse as the clubs that are recommended to carry it out, anything from a putter to a 3-wood have been offered as solutions to green-side predicaments.

Why would you use a 3-wood around the green? If you are relatively new to golf, you may not have heard of this technique. It is used when the ball lies a foot or two off the green in the second cut – using your putter could be problematic with grass getting between club head and ball, it is also difficult to judge the speed needed to get past the initial piece of rough. Use your 3-wood with your putting stance – the loft of the club face will send the ball off just above ground level and clear the first couple of feet of longer grass, allowing the ball to land on the green and release to the hole.

Putting from off of the green – this is advocated by many teaching pros, usually for higher handicappers who may have difficulties stopping the ball on the green with a pitching type shot. The theory behind it is that a bad putt is always going to be better than a bad chip. This type of shot can be played from quite a distance if the conditions are good – dry ground, close-cut fairway, maybe slightly downhill and, obviously, you would need a clear path to the green.

Pitching and chipping – many instructors will recommend, in their golf chipping tips, that you use
different clubs for the various situations you find yourself in when you are close to the green. This could be anything from a pitching wedge to a 6-iron. The theory is that you use the loft of the club to get the desired ball-flight – to get the ball in the air and land softly, use a lofted club, for chip and run shots, use a less lofted club.

My personal opinion is that you have enough to think about during your round without worrying about which one of half a dozen clubs to use for a simple pitch or chip shot, but you should do whatever works for you.

I use my pitching wedge for every shot from 80 yards in. I can de-loft the club face simply by playing the ball back in my stance a little. To get more height I would play the ball slightly forward of centre, or open the club face, or both.

Enjoy your golf.

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Golf Short Game Instruction

Are you thinking about taking up golf? Have you already found yourself on the links but want to learn more about the game? Are you really rather the “old pro” but want to brush up on techniques? No matter where you happen to stand – so to speak – when it comes to the game of golf, you may be interested in some additional golf swing instruction.

If you are thinking about taking in golf instruction, you may be wondering what different options are available to you in this day and age. In fact, you actually do have a variety of different opportunities available to you when it comes to golf swing instruction.

Golf Lessons

Historically, the way that many people received golf swing education is through lessons. You will find that there are a variety of different options that are available. For example, at nearly every golf course or club there will be a pro on staff (at least one) that will be available to provide lessons, including golf swing instruction.

This type of golf swing instruction can be obtained on a one-on-one basis or in a less expensive class or group setting. Additionally, there will be different levels of instruction, including classes and sessions for beginners, intermediate level players and even for more advanced golfers.

DVD’s or Videos

There is also a wealth of DVD’s or videos on the market today that can assist you with perfecting your own game. These videos do tend to focus a good deal of their attention on the golf swing itself.

You can access these different types of video instructional options both in the brick and mortar world as well as on the internet. If you are comfortable refining your golf techniques on your own and without the assistance of a live human being, these options are an affordable means through which you will be able to improve your own game.


As you go about looking at your different golf instruction options, you need to keep in mind that there are books available to you as well. Some of these texts actually have been written by some of the biggest names in the game. These books provide a solid resource for a person who is committed to pursuing the game and who can do so without the need for in-person instruction or lessons.

Software Applications

One of the more recent developments associated with golf swing instruction involves software applications. There are now some well designed and very effective software applications on the market today that can really assist you in not only learning the basics of golf but also in improving and enhancing your game. A growing number of men and women are using these software applications in order to obtain different levels of golf education and instruction.

Comprehensive Approach

Finally, when it comes to golf swing instruction, you may want to consider seriously taking advantage of more than one of these different approaches. The fact is that many people have learned and then significantly enhanced their own golf techniques by using more than one of these educational and training options.

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Golf Short Game Tips

As we gear up for the golf season, now is a good time to refresh our understanding of the golf swing basics for the full golf swing and short game.
Below are solid golf swing tips for the full golf swing and short game based on tried and true golf fundamentals. These golf swing tips are intentionally simple to incorporate into your game and can certainly help you to play your best and lower your golf score.

Full Golf Swing Tips

1. Relax when you play: You can have a perfect golf swing, but if you introduce tension into your game, you will not hit the golf ball well.  Tension starts with the hands.  On a scale of 1 to 10, try to maintain golf grip pressure of “4.”  If you do this, you will find that you will hit the ball farther and more consistently.
2. Establish a relaxed pre-shot routine before every shot: Step back behind your ball, visualize your target, take a few practice swings, assume your setup, rotate your head to look at your target one last time and fire away.
3. Maintain good swing tempo: Think “slow backswing” and “fast downswing.”  Keep your body and swing tempo synchronized.
4. Focus on making solid golf ball contact.  Stay relaxed, make solid contact and do not look up prematurely.

Short Game Golf Swing Tips

1. Putting: Place your eyes over the golf ball.  Keep your head steady.  Keep your putting stroke backswing length and follow-through length consistent and rhythmic.  Keep your lower body still throughout the putting stroke.
2. Chipping: Keep your hands in front of the ball and most of your weight on your front foot throughout the chip shot. Take a smooth, easy stroke ensuring that your wrists do not break.
3. Pitching: Slightly open your stance and keep your weight on your front foot throughout the golf shot. Keep a steady pace and swing your torso back and through the shot.
4. Bunkers: When setting up for bunker shots, place about sixty percent of your weight on your front side. Keep your left arm straight throughout the shot and control the shot with solid body rotation.

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Golf Short Game

Smooth Core Motion is Required for Golf Chipping

Golf chipping and putting are typically referred together as the golf short game. Many beginner golf players mistakenly believe that these shots are related to one another and should be executed in the same manner. However, golf chipping and putting are two completely different kinds of shots and must be addressed in entirely different ways.

When you putt the torso remains still and the eyes must stay fixed in a single location. When you are golf chipping , on the other hand, the body mechanics must be more fluid. A golf chip shot is merely a smaller version of a full golf swing. If a golf player remains rigid through the torso while golf chipping the body mechanics will be thrown off and a clean golf chipping shot will not be possible.

Here is an exercise that will help teach your body the feel of the motion of a good golf chipping shot. Place the grip of your golf club against your navel. Take hold of the golf club on the shaft. Go through the motions of a normal swing. Note how your body turns with the golf club; the navel seems to follow the club. Once you are familiar with this motion, grasp the club correctly and take a practice swing allowing your body to continue with the same motion as before.

A Shortened Backswing is Necessary When Golf Chipping

If you want to improve your golf chipping you must learn to shorten your backswing. If you take a full swing when golf chipping your shots will consistently overshoot their target. A shortened backswing will let you strike the golf ball with lessened force while maintaining proper form and club head speed.

You can easily shorten your backswing by not allowing your back elbow to bend. The straight armed approach will naturally shorten your backswing. When you shorten your backswing with this method you will begin to see consistency in your golf chipping.

Quiet Your Wrists When Golf Chipping

There are so many things to remember when setting up to make a good golf shot! Golf chipping is no exception. There are three main aspects of your swing to keep in mind when golf chipping; allow the torso to rotate, keep the arms straight, and keep the wrists still yet not rigid. It takes time to develop the right wrist control that is necessary. As with every other facet of golf, practice makes perfect!

Believe it or not there are even wrist drills that you can add to your golf practice times. The most effective of these drills requires two golf clubs and a lot of patience. Take a golf club in each hand and hold them parallel to each other in front of you as if youre about to take a swing. Practice swinging the golf clubs while maintaining their parallel positions with each other. This difficult drill will build both strength and control in your wrists and will greatly enhance your golf chipping skills.

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Chipping Club Selection

An article by: Bobby Eldridge

Chipping Club Selection

There is one swing in chipping that you control the distance you want the ball to travel by changing clubs. The 9 iron is for short chips, the 7 iron is for medium length chips and the 5 iron is for longer chips.
When you practice your chipping, pay close attention to how far the three clubs travel, in the air and on the ground. Practice on a flat green if possible so you can measure the distance between each iron. Make sure you spend time learning uphill and downhill distances also.


Chipping – Distance Control

If you are a one-club-chipper you had to learn your distance control from the length of the backswing. This is a very difficult way to chip a golf ball. Being a one-club-chipper means you have to have incredible touch ALL of the time, however if you chip with the 5-7-9 irons, you take all of the grey area out of your chipping game and put it in the hands of the three chipping clubs.
If you have struggled with chipping, this method is going to get you started on the right path to improve your chipping game. The single best way to begin to see improvement is for you to start with the 9 iron. You understand the definition of chipping and now you know which clubs to use and soon you will learn the mechanics of chipping. The reason the 9 iron is the best place to start; it is the easiest of the three clubs. Over the course of a lifetime most of your chip shots will be between the 7 and 9 iron with very few chips being the longer ones. So why not start practicing with the 9 iron?
So, you have the flat face clubs rolling along the ground and then you have the loftier clubs that will help you get up and over a sand trap or the edge of a pond.
All golfers are very individual. I can not tell you how far your chip shots should travel however I have posted a chart at the end of the book that will give you a general idea of how far the average chip shots travel, both in the air and on the ground. It is very important that you spend time practicing so you know EXACTLY how far your chip shots fly and roll. The chart is to simply provide you with a guide to work off of.
So, short airtime, a lot of roll time for chipping. A lot of airtime and very little roll time for pitching.
You have the definition and the club selection; let’s move on to Part Three-The Method.

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