Golf Short Game Chipping Secrets

There are many golf magazines, golf professionals, and even TV shows offering golf chipping tips. This short-game advice can be as diverse as the clubs that are recommended to carry it out, anything from a putter to a 3-wood have been offered as solutions to green-side predicaments.

Why would you use a 3-wood around the green? If you are relatively new to golf, you may not have heard of this technique. It is used when the ball lies a foot or two off the green in the second cut – using your putter could be problematic with grass getting between club head and ball, it is also difficult to judge the speed needed to get past the initial piece of rough. Use your 3-wood with your putting stance – the loft of the club face will send the ball off just above ground level and clear the first couple of feet of longer grass, allowing the ball to land on the green and release to the hole.

Putting from off of the green – this is advocated by many teaching pros, usually for higher handicappers who may have difficulties stopping the ball on the green with a pitching type shot. The theory behind it is that a bad putt is always going to be better than a bad chip. This type of shot can be played from quite a distance if the conditions are good – dry ground, close-cut fairway, maybe slightly downhill and, obviously, you would need a clear path to the green.

Pitching and chipping – many instructors will recommend, in their golf chipping tips, that you use
different clubs for the various situations you find yourself in when you are close to the green. This could be anything from a pitching wedge to a 6-iron. The theory is that you use the loft of the club to get the desired ball-flight – to get the ball in the air and land softly, use a lofted club, for chip and run shots, use a less lofted club.

My personal opinion is that you have enough to think about during your round without worrying about which one of half a dozen clubs to use for a simple pitch or chip shot, but you should do whatever works for you.

I use my pitching wedge for every shot from 80 yards in. I can de-loft the club face simply by playing the ball back in my stance a little. To get more height I would play the ball slightly forward of centre, or open the club face, or both.

Enjoy your golf.

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