Golf Short Game Tips

As we gear up for the golf season, now is a good time to refresh our understanding of the golf swing basics for the full golf swing and short game.
Below are solid golf swing tips for the full golf swing and short game based on tried and true golf fundamentals. These golf swing tips are intentionally simple to incorporate into your game and can certainly help you to play your best and lower your golf score.

Full Golf Swing Tips

1. Relax when you play: You can have a perfect golf swing, but if you introduce tension into your game, you will not hit the golf ball well.  Tension starts with the hands.  On a scale of 1 to 10, try to maintain golf grip pressure of “4.”  If you do this, you will find that you will hit the ball farther and more consistently.
2. Establish a relaxed pre-shot routine before every shot: Step back behind your ball, visualize your target, take a few practice swings, assume your setup, rotate your head to look at your target one last time and fire away.
3. Maintain good swing tempo: Think “slow backswing” and “fast downswing.”  Keep your body and swing tempo synchronized.
4. Focus on making solid golf ball contact.  Stay relaxed, make solid contact and do not look up prematurely.

Short Game Golf Swing Tips

1. Putting: Place your eyes over the golf ball.  Keep your head steady.  Keep your putting stroke backswing length and follow-through length consistent and rhythmic.  Keep your lower body still throughout the putting stroke.
2. Chipping: Keep your hands in front of the ball and most of your weight on your front foot throughout the chip shot. Take a smooth, easy stroke ensuring that your wrists do not break.
3. Pitching: Slightly open your stance and keep your weight on your front foot throughout the golf shot. Keep a steady pace and swing your torso back and through the shot.
4. Bunkers: When setting up for bunker shots, place about sixty percent of your weight on your front side. Keep your left arm straight throughout the shot and control the shot with solid body rotation.

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