Golf: The Short Game

As long as there is a reliable short game skill, anyone if he can hit 100 yards, he can break 100. Good touch, especially in the putting, can make up for other deficiencies. The following two methods will help you push past a long golf putt and a short golf putt advance.


Long putt: “laddering” seeking a better feeling


Good touch comes from the learning of how to make the ball high and push far. Find a slope of the green part in the 40 to 50 inserted between the two ladders, and then put five golf clubs that each club interval 3. First is learning how to push the golf ball uphill, so that the first ball in the first and second golf clubs in between, the second golf ball in the second and third clubs in inter-branch, and so on to the last. Then repeat the exercise under downhill conditions. Until either uphill or downhill step ladder, none of your every ball up too long or too short. Try looking at the eye target practice pushing a ball, and then repeat just the last shot margin. When the achievement of objectives becomes simpler, you can practice this method with your eyes closed.


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A short putt: Even into the 12 goals to strengthen the confidence


Solid short putting is confidence in the show, but a lot of confidence from advancing the golf ball, which is emphasized by this method. First to start from the hole a putt length, holes around the plug in a set of three ladders, each an interval of one grip length. Ideally, a group of ladder is uphill, a downhill, a group from right to left corner, another group from left to right corner. 12 ball straight forward, you do not have to practice. Missed a ball, you have to try again.


With a push or cut it?


Putting should always be your first choice. When your golf ball on the green edge, or even very far away from the greens (as long as the ball and the hole is not long before the grass), both with the TaylorMade Tourismo Putter.


See grass pattern, walking along the water


Green is your interpretation of the necessary skills, but for the long putter has a Quick Tip: imagine how the water can be out of green. That is the direction that the ball will turn.

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