“There have been a lot of discussions this year

They pick one out of four problem areas to focus on: grief, interpersonal role disputes, role transitions, or interpersonal deficits. For instance, a therapist might help one client navigate the new transition of motherhood. They might help another client resolve a conflict with their spouse.Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) also might be helpful for treating BED.

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Don want to put it past him, Riley said. A lot of people would say he can do what he done right now how well he performed for our baseball group here this spring, and how well he played here for us. So there certainly some different dynamics with it.

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Born in Syracuse, New York, Juliana Melara is a current Sophomore Senator seeking re election to Student Government for the upcoming 2016 2017 academic year as a Junior Senator. As a Sophomore Senator, Juliana has been very active in representing her constituents. She is currently working on several committees on behalf of Student Government, including the Middle States Re Evaluation Steering Committee and the University Governance Council Sub Committee for Smoking Policy Evaluation.

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