Why It’s Almost Impossible to Drive a Golf Ball 450 Yards (ft. Dustin Johnson) | WIRED

15 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Swing

WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez looks at carry vs. total distance, breaks down the biomechanics of the tee shot, and gets tips from Dustin Johnson, one of the top drivers on the tour, to find out why it's Almost Impossible to drive a golf ball 450 yards through the air.

Special thanks to the Lake Chabot Golf Course.

Read more of Robbie's reporting about the science of golf drives at WIRED.com:

And follow the links below to read more about the research we used in this video:

PGA Average Driving Distances (Total Distance):

Dr. Jessica Rose's Research on Pro v. Amateur Golfers:
Study: https://journals.humankinetics.com/doi/10.1123/jab.27.3.242
Press Release: https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2011/07/study-of-golf-swings-pinpoints-biomechanical-differences-between-pros-and-amateurs.html

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Why It’s Almost Impossible to Drive a Golf Ball 450 Yards (ft. Dustin Johnson) | WIRED

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